EVR “Hall of Fame”

Exercise, fresh air, time to yourself, all go towards improving physical and mental well-being. The COVID-19 outbreak might stop us meeting us a group, but it can’t stop us hitting the trails and keeping ourselves well.

Why not join one of our challenges?

  1. Simply register with our Strava Group
  2. Join in the conversation on Facebook
  3. Get out and RUN!

Earn yourself glory and medals by participating in weekly challenges, keep in touch with friends and keep fit and healthy during this time of crisis.

On the Sunday at the end of each week, I’ll go through the runners on the Strava page and add your achievements to the challenge tables below. Each successful week earns you a medal! More challenges to follow!

PLEASE be mindful of NHS and Government guidelines on keeping yourself and others safe, during the COVID-19 outbreak. Refer to this information and make sensible decisions regarding going outside to run and exercise.

2020 10k Challenge

Runner Name10k WeeksMedals
John Dennis10
Jon Webb10
Lucy Eyre10
Rich Hedgecox10
Iain Ollerenshaw10
Katie Ruocco9
Sylvie Webb9
Simon Crisp7